Why your business should consider a NAP

An event really drove home the power of having accurate and constant business name, address, phone number (commonly known as NAP) and website information across all the directory sites.

How a suite number can cost thousands of dollars
We had faught hard to get top search results for one of our clients. We check things regularly so we knew something was wrong almost instantly. We turned over every rock and found there was only 1 thing that changed, our search rankings had gone from 1 and 2 listings to now on the 3rd page. Turns out the business owner had just hired an SEO company to do some work on his 2nd business ran out of the same address. Some business listing information was change to reflect the 2nd business and caused the loss.

Until this I really didn’t know how powerful it was for a local business to have a consistent NAP. Of course we got rankings and leads back after a few months of NAP clean up. It’s sad the whole issue and thousands in lost revenue could have been avoided with a simple suite number being assigning to both businesses. Directories and Google could then have kept things straight awarding business the proper rankings.

Why does NAP mater?
Just like a library is indexed and referenceable so too is your business in Google’s Index. It is far more complicated than a standard library because it’s a library that also organizes the information by best user experience and pulls information across multiple libraries all in under 1 second of your search. But part of that index hinges on the truest of your business location, name, phone number and your website. I’m not the only one that feels this way. its in the top local search ranking factors we have been able to uncover: http://moz.com/local-search-ranking-factors

Check your business
Best thing to do if you wonder if you have an address problem is to use Moz Locals free cross directory checker. Inconsistencies kill rankings. I can give several real world examples that prove it.

​Example of one doing well and ranking for “pizza Rexburg” is ​Pizza Pie Cafe Check their 90% score. One not is 5 Buck Pizza 27% score.

Example Ideal Breakouts:
Name – Construction company
Address – Home address
Phone # – Personal cell
Website – Website solely mentioning construction work

Name – Carpenter business
Address – Warehouse address
Phone # – online number that routs to personal cell (buy another number)
Website – Website solely mentioning carpenter work

For shared addresses just add different fictitious suite numbers on the end of the address or get another address. here is another article I wrote helping you understand the why behind different addresses. If you wold like a more in depth explanation of NAP read this article.

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