What products do people want and you aren’t offering?

Have you ever received a quote only to find that the service provider can only do half the job you need done? I’m trying to plant grass this season, but I need the sprinkler system finished, weed removal, and leveling done first. When I look online and call service providers, they can only do 1 or 2 of these.

In a way, this is the same experience your customers are having with you. Are there products or services your customer’s want that you aren’t offering? Or are there other strategic partners that you could round your offerings out with?

I’ve found the Google’s Ad Planner (formally keyword tool) can tell you what your customers are really looking for. For instance, I did some research on plumbers, finding that most of them don’t mention toilet repair on their websites, yet it is searched about 14,800 times a month in the United States alone. Basement waterproofing was a close second.

As part of my free internet marketing course, I demonstrate this tool by determining what products and services people want from an auto shop.

You may be surprised what products and services you will find using this tool. Give it a try!

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