ViralTag for Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook Posting

I was hunting for a tool to help me crack the problem of easier posting on Instagram. Bingo I found ViralTag. It’s a first rate way to afforably compose, queue and make posting easier on all three of these networks: Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.

  • Things I use ViralTag For:
  • Compose and pushover Pinterest Posts
  • Mass Pinterest Post Scheduling – go search on Pinterest then hit the ViralTag chrome extension, beautiful
  • Schedule all my posts for the 3 networks

Viral Tag Schedule

Things I Don’t Use ViralTag For:

  • Finding what to post
  • Actually automatically post to Instagram

Improvements I Hope Will Come:

  • Define Pinterest scheduling by board/catagory
  • Better finding posts to schedule feature
ViralTag Content Finder and Scheduler

ViralTag Content Finder and Scheduler

Other Tools That Can Help

  • BuzzSumo – Find the most shared content ever
  • PostPlanner – Better at finding Instagram Photos and rating what is most likely to be shared
    • Ninja Trick – Use Post planner to find great Instagram Photos and then click in the image to post via Viral Tag. Be sure to change the URL because it will default to Post Planner.

PostPlanner and ViralTag

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