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Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.

– David Ogilvy on

The last thing you want to do is drive traffic to a bad looking website “your product”. Trust comes in many forms, first is a great design with calls to action. Next is credibility in the form of words, symbols and images. And you can’t bet your bottom dollar a untrustworthy website will kill your small business.

Luckily a great WordPress theme and some great plugins can help overcome each of the most common mistakes business make in making a trust worthy site.

Most common mistakes in creating trust on your website

  • Your SEO team got you to #1 but your site never generates business
  • Offline you are a supper star but online you hid all your stars
  • You can’t make changes to your sites look

Follow the steps below to get a trust worthy looking WordPress website that will convert it’s visitors into business for you. Estimated time: In as little as 30 minutes.

1-3) Implement several of the below ideas that impact credibility

Best ways to instill trust on your website:

  • Visible #
  • Contact form
  • Pictures of location/staff
  • Awards
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Licence numbers
  • Charity partner
  • Featured in
  • Loved by

Here is a great visual my friends made to help you see where you might include these things. It also includes a breakdown of the percent of small businesses who have these elements on their sites:
Optimal Landing Page by NiftyMarketing

4) Install plugins that help you look good

Plugins that help

There are a lot of plugins out there which will do anything you want. Here are 2 that have helped me get more trust on my website:

  • Image Widget – Lets you have a bunch of images in a row. I use this typically for all the trust symbols, say in the footer.
  • Widget Shortcode – It’s really handy to have a quick way to throw a widget into the middle of any page.

My final advice for building trust is think outside the box

In the immortal words of my friend Mike Ramsey, “Make it sexy”. Really meaning, what will it take to get your site to the next level? Would it be hand written testimonials on your site. Or maybe an interactive map of where you have received testimonials. To each industry his own. But you know your job will not be totally done unless your customers start complementing you on your website.

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