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Now that you know what things people are searching for (keywords) you can give the people what they want.

If your business is receiving phone calls and inquiries, and one of the first questions is, “How much?” there’s a really good chance you’re not differentiating your business.

If prospects can’t tell how the business is different, they’re going to use the one measure that makes sense: price. As many small business owners have discovered, competing on price is not fun. There’s always going to be someone willing to go out of business faster.

Duct Tape Marketing

The secrete to a well written website is useful information for potential customers. The kind that educates about the product or services offered as well as why someone should buy from you instead of the other guy.

Most common mistakes in writing a website

  • Not having a page for every product/service offered
  • Not educating why someone should pay a premium
  • Not pairing locality with products
  • Having poor grammar & spelling

Part 1 – Outline

You’re in luck because I’ve been on both sides of this coin before. We are going to avoid the major pitfalls together. Estimated time: Complete these steps in as little as 30 minutes.

1. Prep these pages using the website text template.

  • Home Page / Products & Services Page
  • Product/service page 1 most searched
  • Product/service page 2 most searched
  • Product/service page 3 most searched
  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Location page

Every other product or blog post can wait.

I’ve found it important to pair a few of your own questions with what questions customers are asking. The general outline goes like this.

Ask for the value proposition – Why would someone choose you over someone else (Quality and skills are givens and don’t count)
Describe the features or service in great detail
Explain what guarantee or warranty is if applicable

On the page things that should be addressed based on what people are searching for:
Based on keywords

Questions for the owner

Here is the example of BlackFoot Auto & Tire Text Outline

1. Outline all your pages

2. Email the owner those page & call if necessary

3. Refine the outline pages based on their feedback

Part 2 – Writing

So now you know how hard it can be to get a business owner to elaborate on his products or services. Hopefully you discovered some great value they offer and found ways to answer customers common questions. Now you’ll be turning those outlines into well written pages. Estimated time: Complete these steps in as little as 30 minutes per page.

4. Write the pages yourself or farm it out
I’ve found most small business owners are far to busy to do more than explain their service offerings over the phone. But to save you time be sure you direct them to the template you’ve prepared. And who knows, you might even get the owner to write the website himself.

Regardless the website needs written. You’ll want to do it yourself or consider paying about $10 a page for a write on TextBroker.com.

Option 1 – Write The Site Yourself
I don’t recommend you try this unless people have told you recently you are a good writer. That being said you can see the difference between me writing an oil change page and a professional here……………

Option 2 – Ordering Content From TextBroker
I’m a fan of taking the outline of each page and ordering a 300-400 word article from a TextBroker writer. But that is partially because I am a horrible writer and partially because I have a hard time writing about clients products or services. Here is how I ordered the oil change page on TextBroker.com.

Here is the example of BlackFoot Auto & Tire Written Text Template………

No unique value proposition

*mention the golden ticket is…
This might be the biggest mistake small business’ make. Well if it’s not the biggest it’s in the top 5. Learn how to avoid the mistake of not pairing local terms with service/product properly.

Keyword Phrase + Location = Local Keyword and a recipe for success.


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