Systematizing – October 17th by John Broadbent

Updated Post Meeting – View the video recording and participate in the discussion – Free to join

Systemitizing by John Broadbent - Idaho Web Marketing Meetup

Starting at 1:16, John Starts at 3:20

 John Broadbent will speak this Wednesday. He is a big gun when it comes to internet marketing and especially when it comes to putting in place a system to get things done. If you ever wanted to know how to test online and then implement what works this guy can find the fastest and most efficient way to do it. I love how he introduced me to and it has revolutionized how I manage my own time and those under me. And it does a great job when you add the Trello Clone Chrome Extension of cloning common tasks. But don’t let me spoil all that you will learn from John. Come to the meeting. I promise if speaker will blow your mind it will be John.

Systematizing – October 17th @ 11am

BYU-Idaho Manwaring Center (MC) Room 176B, Rexburg, ID

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I’m most excited about the after lunch.

Feel free to ask him any questions on his Meetup profile or Linkedin profile before the meeting so he will know to cover them.  And if you haven’t joined the group for notifications of future meetings do so.

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