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An incredibly rewarding thing happened this last week. I was talking to a very close personal family member about SEO for their business. I’ve tried to convince them now for months that talking to agencies references is the best way to know if their service is a good fit for you. I was informed finally after months of pushing that they finally did check their reference and the reference said they would not be continuing the services due to no noticeable difference.

I’ve found some very helpful beginners information in choosing an SEO agency or doing it yourself. Here are my power beginning guides from Google and other reputable SEO experts. Updated 7/14/2012.

SEO According to Google
Google says this about finding an SEO Company
Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Matt Cutts – Why SEO is Not Spam
Matt Cutts – What Google Knows About Spam

SEO According to SEOs
SEOMoz – SEO Starter Guide 
SEOMoz – Search Ranking Factors 

Specific to Small Business & Local
Jason Weaver – A Local SEO Guide
Matt McGee – How To Get Started With SEO 
David Mihm – Local Search Ranking Factors – See How Your Business is Listed


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