Right Place, Right Time


All week I’ll be in Denver speaking at the 3rd annual Monkey Bars conference. This year the common thread has been when you are in the right place at the right time, it pays off.

Invest Now & Invest Heavy

If you think of the search engine results as real estate then the idea of fighting for the coveted top 10 ten slots becomes natural. Though you can’t buy the results you can invest in your property making it a top spot contender. You do this by investing in your web strategy. Investing just before a boom might be the best investment you ever made.

I had dinner with Tim one of my dealers/customers. For him it’s been much of a recession with very little online interest over the past 6 months. While at dinner he told me his phone has just been ringing off the hook.

Interest is up. It’s all coming from the website. My phone is ringing. I haven’t been able to doing any other forms of marketing for a while. -Tim

No Marketer Will Tell You
The one thing a web marketers doesn’t want to emit is he can’t make the rain. He can only get the buckets out to catch as much as he can when it’s raining. Meaning in a recession or not we invest in getting top search rankings for the money keywords even when their is very little interest. But when interest picks up (rain) we are there with our website (buckets) ready to catch it all.

Marketers don’t like to emit that there is more at play then just their marketing (economy, customer interest, fads, seasonality, competition…). In Tims case his buckets are overflowing.

Even with all the variables investing now to be in the right place at the right time might be the best investment you ever made. I’ve personally seen people turn their investments into 900% returns in as short as three months. The the only becomes how much rain is our there and how big is my bucket.

Will you be investing in your online real estate? Let me know in the comments.

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