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I took the Pictimonial app by Yodle, Inc. out for a spin today. I did so because Pictimonial is geared towards service industries which I specialize in, so I wanted to see if it really lived up to it’s claims as an easy way to show off happy customers and get reviews. I give it a 2.5 stars out of 5 and hear is why:

Weakness no. 1  – Little or No SEO Value

Reviews happen on a new unknown third party website that doesn’t even mention Yodle on it’s website. So whatever your business name your reviews will show up here: [companyname] Perhaps the reason for the disassociation goes back to Yodle’s defunct directory site ( A repeat will mean limited or no SEO value at all. So until this becomes a thriving review site it’s only good for show once customers reach your website.

Here is what Yodle’s directory attempts used to look like in 2008 courtesy of of

What I would really like to see is a push for reviews on established directory cites like Google PlaceMerchant CircleYahoo Local or Kudzu (How to get listed on directory sites).

Of course if you do go with Yodle’s business website services such as for franchises; then they will be housed on your website Yodle controls. But if not they are on Pictimonial a brand new unknown review site: see for an example. But ofcourse you can show off using their happy customers review “widget”. Which brings us to our next weakness.

Weakness no. 2 – Customer Are Ugly

Picture vs Pictimonial Widget

Weather or not all your customers are ugly or not will not matter if you are using your phone to take the picture. Here is a picture on my 8 megapixel camera phone of myself. And next to it is how it displays in the website “widget” Pictimonial offers. In order to find the widget you must login to their website on your computer. Then you are given options to customize your html code that you can embed in your website.

Weakness no. 3 & 4 – Customer Motivation to Leave a Review & Call to Action to Solicit Reviews

In this picture you can see that they explain what their name stands for (Picture + Testimonial) and invite you to view the picture of yourself.

In my post Asking For Reviews I speak about how you need to be direct and ask for reviews when the customer is most satisfied. Because leaving a review is really about harvesting and channeling happy customers so your referral business is expanded to the entire web. And lets face it, a customer really gets nothing out of seeing their own picture except maybe regret that they looked bad after a whole night of a backed up sewer and that they let you take their picture. Now their is no way for them to remove it.

Weakness no.5 Harvesting Complete Information

In order to get a review using Pictimonial you must take a new picture and supply the customers email. It’s a shame that information isn’t downloadable elsewhere for your reference. Also if a customer doesn’t leave a review then all you have is a bunch of pictures of people with no information. And lets face it testimonials are all about trust and a wall of pictures will hurt you when it looks gamed.

Pictimonial Screenshot Gallery

With a few more attention to details this app could have been great. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

Get Pictimonial on your smart phone or device:
Pictimonial for IOS (Apple)
Pictimonial for Android (Google)


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