Resources to learn the basics of SEO & Local SEO

I wish I had been told the real sources to look to when I was a bit newer in the industry. So here I am sharing them with you. Here is the general outline of the online marketing plan I shared last month. We implement this plan to get all our dealers websites leads. The sources I list below I trust because when I implement what I learn I get better results. Let me know in the comments what you think and if I missed any.

SEO/MAPS/Local Search

As far as technical things that need to be done to rank a local business this is the best write up and list out there: David Mihm – Local Search Ranking Factors

Watch for to become a major local SEO source in the near future. Here is ton more beginner guides. Google and the search engines see things and explain things in their own way while those that practice online marketing see things different too: SEO Powerful Beginner Guides

PPC/Pay Per Click/ Google AdWords

The jist is you run ads online and send the visitors to your appropriate webpages. In the case of local we will be geo targeting ads only within a dealers area. Google provides a huge course on the whole paid online advertising process. I wouldn’t worry too much about all this paid advertisement course stuff. It helps to get shown this in person.

SEOMoz & SearchEngineLand

The most reputable of companies for all SEO and PPC in general are:

Both companies offer conferences, great blogs, and SEOmoz even offers tools that we use.

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