QR Codes Help Get Reviews

I wrote about QR Codes and there possible use for getting reviews. Check it out on the Monkey Bar Storage Blog. I think this is a great way for local businesses and service professionals to get reviews. Hotels, service professionals and more essentially create a QR Code linking to a directory site business listing where they can get a review. With an invitation to leave a review and making it easy via QR Code; they see a large percentage of respondents. It’s a great way to get real and legitimate reviews often. Don’t pay a company or try to scheme getting reviews. This method works as part of the flow of business.

QR Codes – Getting Reviews in Creative Ways

I believe in this method of optaining reviews so much I will be testing it on a new client. Because my client is in the entertainment industry this mobile QR Code invitation to leave a review fits right in. So as someone leaves the thrill ride they will see a large poster inviting them to leave a review.  I have shared a very in-depth look at creating an email in which you can solicit reviews from your clients. Check it out: Getting reviews by asking.


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