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Perhaps the 2nd most helpful thing you can do for your business and customers online is to create a page per product or service you offer. Often you will still find companies having just 1 page to describe all the products and services they offer. So you just having that page and then actually building out a page for each one you offer will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Compelling fact…

Most common mistakes in websites product / service pages

  • Not having a individual page for each product / service
  • Not covering enough about each product / service

Follow the steps below to get your product pages up avoiding the common pitfalls. Estimated time: 30 minutes


Script, steps and links…

Now that we understand what pages you need and what words you’ll want to target on those pages we are ready for onsite SEO. You can go page by page and manually check everything, however I love the Moz Page Grader Tool a million times better. For 1 if their are technical issues on your website like bad coding they can tell you what they are an where to start to fix it. And you can sign up and use it completely free the next 30 days to get your first site optimized for free. It’s a tool that comes in a bundle for $100 a month and not all of us can afford it.

If you wanted to do it yourself here is a much smaller and basic check list you should do for every page.

Local keyword is in:

  • Title tag
  • Title on page
  • 3-4 times in the text of the page (at least 1 exact match, variations and conjoining words like “in” are okay)
  • If photos, videos or other media they are named or tagged with the keyword

And you have a description on the page.

No one has shown a better infographic or video on onsite optimization for local small business then Small Business Online Coach. Check it out if you feel you need more to grasp getting the right words all in the right places.

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