Product or Service Pages – The Low Hanging Fruit

Small local websites typically don’t need many pages, about 10 on average. The #1 place small businesses fail with their website is having only one page for all their services. You should have your main page of course, but picking the top 5+ services you have and making a separate page to describe them and their features makes all the difference. This will give your customers way more bang for their buck, knowing more about what they’ll receive. Especially if you have some sort of good website rankings already. Google lets you leverage your website authority, so when you post a new page, it can start competing right away. That is why I call it the low hanging fruit.

low hanging fruit
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When we ran the “plumber in Boise” search through Google Ad Planner, we came up with a whole list of top searched industry terms. For instance, here are a few pages I would make right off the bat if I were a plumber:

  • 24 hour plumber Boise
  • Toilet repair Boise
  • Basement waterproofing Boise
  • Etc…

Biggest website mistakes small companies make are:

  • Not having a page for every service you offer
  • Not knowing what services people are searching for

Identify and write at least five service pages. Different pages for different service areas.

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