Ongoing 6 of 6

Webinar aired Thursday Dec 19th. For 1-6 in the Small Business Local Web Marketing

Pre-webinar home work – 25 hours

  1. Complete all steps from webinar 1-5 – 25 hours

Below are helpful explanations and links to resources mentioned during the webinar.

Ongoing Checklist

All actions are tagged with what webinar they are covered in.

Event based activities
5. After every customer purchase email asking for a review
5. Respond to social mentions

Weekly – 3 hours
3. Adwords list
3. Analytics – asses calls, emails
5. Que up posts to go out on Hootsweet
5. Respond and interact with others on social media

Bi-Weekly – 2 hours
2. Rank checking
4. Get on another directory site
4. Go for some real relationship links
5. Check for reviews and respond to them
5. Blog

Monthly – 1 hour
2. Test things to improve website stats (visits, time on site, conversions) 3. Add any trust elements if applicable

Quarterly 5+ hours
1. Check for N.A.P. issues
2. Write more service pages
2. Write more location pages
1-6 Audit everything

To access to all webinars in this series 1-6 Small Business Local Web Marketing Webinar Series by Jason Weaver

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