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Our goal is to prevent or fix issues caused by a client having a case of confused identity online. Usually they cannot rank well with bad or false information about their businesses everywhere online. In fact it’s the 3rd most important factors according to the local search ranking factors study

Keep this in mind:

  • Every business you own needs to have a separate business address and phone number. Preferably a different business name as well.
  • CallRail can provide a local different phone number so that should not be an issue
  • PO Boxes or UPS store boxes do not qualify as an address period. That being said if we are currently using one of these we will only change it right now if you can get a more suitable location. Eventually these addresses will result in your removal from search engine results making you invisible online.
  • No business can have more that 1 website with the same business address.
  • No listings should ever point to the corporate website or a client directory page.
  • We prefer these kind of addresses in order of preference:
  1. Show room
  2. Warehouse
  3. Home
  4. Shared office building
  5. Friends place

And if possible the address would be in the most important city the client has but not more than 45 miles from any city he cares about ranking in. Do this for every existing client and before you ever build 1 single link for a client. We will start by asking ourselves the question does a client have multiple:

  • Businesses / names
  • Addresses / variations of the same
  • Phone numbers
  • Websites

I there a problem

Using the below 5 steps to find and prevent or fix issues.

1) Before we ever build links we need to Google their:

  • Name’s
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

Record everything you find. [Google Doc] Be sure to repeat this process when you find anything different with the new incorrect information. By this time you should have validated and quantified any problems in their area. Now begins the fun of navigating through all the broken data.

StarShip Enterprise Surrounded By Broken Ships

2) Call client and ask them the below questions. Then record everything you find. [Google Doc]

  • What businesses do you own / what are their names?
  • What addresses do you have available / what are they?
  • What phone numbers do you have available / what are they?
  • What websites do you have?
  • Have you or someone you know created a Facebook page, BBB or Angies listing, etc… If so could you give me the logins and passwords.

3) Now you can help them breakout and assign a different identity for every business/ website they have.

Example Breakouts:
Name – Construction company
Address – Home address
Phone # – Personal number
Website – Personal website they run solely mentioning construction work

Name – Monkey Bars of the Midwest East Coast
Address – Warehouse address
Phone # – SEO number
Website – Website we run

But what if they have 2 websites for their 1 garage storage company? Just make sure the address does not have anything even close to the one you have for the one we run. In the above example I would recommend they also have their website address as their home address just with an extension added to the end of the address.

Name – Monkey Bars of the Midwest East Coast
Address – Home address + B
Phone # – Get a new number
Website – Personal website they run solely mentioning garage organization work

4) Now verify things are correct in client google doc, milestone doc and on the qualify doc. Specify which addresses are new and which are old. Include both.

What Do I Do

5) Update listings in this order of importance:

  1. Seed/footprint links (Blue top links on client tracking tabs)
  2. Update all the listings we have logins and passwords for.
  3. Claim/update the next highest domain authority links. Think BBB, Angies List, etc… (Claim 15)
  4. Wait 45 days – You’ll want to schedule a reminder in Asana.
  5. If rankings are still bad pay for and localeze listings. Then do the next 10 highest domain authority links.
  6. Wait another 45 days – You’ll want to schedule a reminder in Asana – If rankings are still bad go crazy and fix every directory you can.


Here are some other helpful resources:
Moving locations checklist by David M is by far the best:
Google Places duplicate business listings. Below is what Google says to do. But I might not agree with them:
How to remove duplicate listings from different business directories –
How long websites take to update:  –

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