Local Web Marketing System

The difference between those performing well and not, (the 80/20 rule) is, “The 20 percent are using a system and the 80 percent aren’t.”

– E-Myth Revisited

This is my system I use when marketing a local business on the web. I’ve carefully crafted this system into 30 minute segments anyone can do. If you service a specific geographic region with a service or product then this course may be for you.

Business owners
Without you what good is marketing? You’re the creator and orchestrator of a business, cause or service that provides real value. A truly successful web marketing system takes both the great product/service and a matching marketing system. Just like in your business there are no short cuts. Like me you’ve found what works is consistent hard word over time. And that is what I’ve built into this the fundamentals of your website and online presence.

You’re welcome to put this system to work for you completely free and without any signup or credit card. If you would like this system done for you, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Paired with a fine student of internet marketing you help them get their career jump start while obtaining professional results all for pennies on the dollar. You’ll have such a great experience we know you’ll tell your friends about it. Become the next success story. Learn more.

If you are student and would like to get paid to add internet marketing to your resume checkout our (1on1 coaching, tools, bonuses & certification) options. We’ll help pair you with a small business owner and arm you with everything you need. You’ll have such a great experience we know you’ll tell your friends about it. Jump start your career with skills in internet marketing. Learn more.

7 Pieces of Local Online Trust

– Website Foundation & Fundamentals (Pre-beta)LWMS logo png
– Reviews (Pre-beta)
– Content (not in production yet)
– PPC (not in production yet)
– Citations (not in production yet)
– Links (not in production yet)
– Social Engagement (not in production yet)

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Website Foundation & Fundamentals

– Pre-Beta

  1. WordPress web host – Affordable, great service, flexible framework (Blue Host)
  2. Getting a WordPress design/theme – Professional & easy to edit (SmallBiz Theme)
  3. Providing basic information – (51 blocks)
  4. Contact form – Awesome email to text (Contact Form 7)
  5. ?Email account and google account
  6. Claim Google Maps – Rankings in maps (Google’s my business)
  7. Researching Keywords – Picking the right pages (Google Ad Planner)
  8. Text Template – Writing those pages (Text Broker)
  9. SEO Optimization – Inviting the search engines to your pages (Moz Page Grader)
  10. Review solicitation – Getting reviews on 3rd party sites (Get Five Stars)
  11. Google Analytics – Understanding customers needs
  12. Google & Bing Web Master Tools with XML Site Maps – Technical issues
  13. Rank Checking – Are you moving up in the search engine results?
  14. Trusted & Converting Website
  15. Google Authorship
  16. Ignore if not N/A – replace old site with new, 301 redirects, email setup

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