Local SEO Guide From Initial to Ongoing – It Works

Update – 2.8.2013 – Since I wrote this Adam Steele wrote: “My Secret Formula to Local Lead Generation” in which he outlines exactly all the timing and reasoning to how he wins at local. It’s a great guide to local SEO for lead generation. I haven’t tired everything like his 60 days of posts but it all makes a lot of sense and I will be. I also love all the tool he uses.

Update – 11.9.2012 – Since I wrote this Mike Ramsey one of my biggest local SEO inspirations came and spoke at our local meetup. I feel his video presentation is really good at giving you a broad overview of local SEO while diving deep into some of the tools and tips he has. Participate in the local SEO discussion on the group website.

Local SEO Strategy & Tips by Mike Ramsey - Idaho Web Marketing Meetup

So here is my amazingly simple local internet marketing guide from the website to ongoing SEO. I don’t mind sharing my secret sauce because it’s all in the execution. Some of the items are ongoing, others you might want to use as a checklist. Feel free to ask me about any of them.

Does it Work?

Sure does. I ran this exact plan on two dealers recently. They each got $30k+ increase in sales over the last 6 months. Try it, it works.

I’ve tried to inlude only the most repetable opinions from Google to SEOMoz SEO beginner guides for further reading. If you are at the beninning stages of even choosing a business name or url I have some suggesttions to save you time latter: 5 Service Business Representational Recommendations.

Beginning of Local SEO Guide


On Every Page

  • Keywords
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Image alt tags
  • Image names
  • Internal links
  • Contact information. This goes great at the bottom of the page in the footer. (in schema format)

In General

  • WordPress website or HTML/CSS website coding platform/language
  • Service locations mentioned (Counties and Cities)
  • Submit to Google & Bing webmaster tools: Dynamic XML sitemap & Geo Sitemap
  • Pass Schema.org for testimonials, reviews, business information, & anything else applicable
  • Blog
    • Always blog about every job (But realistically at least 2 posts per month)

Not on the Website but still very Important

  • Link Building
  1. Get listed on the standard directory sites. Use this link tracking Google Doc.
  2. PR (Reach out and get links from local organizations, websites, news groups, ect…
  3. For even more ideas checkout my link building tools & methods post.
  • Reviews
  1. Solicit a review by email or card after every job!
  • Social networks (Facebook, Google+)
  1. Push blog posts and customer interaction on social networks


Conversion – Top things to increase leads once people make it to your website

  • Calls to action on every page (Phone number, email form or button to the contact page)
  • Showcase testimonials. (We prefer a rotating widget)
  • Instant emailed and texted leads
  • Social proofs (showcase associations, badges, brands, social sites, ect…)
  • Specials or packages

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

  • Analytics with goal & PPC conversion tracking
  • Call & email tracking
  • Competition tracking
  • Search engine rank
  • Audit yourself quarterly

—End of Guide—

Future Proofing

Well if Google wants a great search engine based on quality this local SEO guide is future proof. You want your awesome offline business experience to be reflected online. What is better than having all the SEO basics on your website, links from reputable sources, and happy customers leaving reviews and talking about you online. Nothing is more squeaky clean and guaranteed to work than this plan.

    I’m a digital marketer, lucky husband, and father. I have one goal, put bad marketers out of business. Contact me for marketing consulting.

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