Local Search Webinar by Bright Local

Bright Local had a great webinar on local search internet marketing. Below the video and slides are my cliff notes.

Mike Blumenthal – Google Places

  • Categories are limited but upstream sources like yellow pages it will pick up their categories and from working on your home page.
  • 150+ words descriptions – best elevator pitch.
  • To rank in Maps you need social & review data
  • Add this to a search to see places order: &tbm=plcs
  • Use great square photos
  • Take an ad on your brand
  • ?Keyword mapping: http://www.seobythesea.com/2011/08/google-boost-search-rankings-category/
  • Centroid of the industry, etc… where all the auto dealers are.
  • Suite differences aren’t that bad

Phil Rozek

  • Business pages can review other business
  • Said you can’t upgrade G+ local if you are a service business

Andrew Shotland

  • IOS matters way more then anyone is thinking. The only 1 seed out to them we aren’t listing on is http://www.factual.com/contact. We are testing acxiom: https://mybusinesslistingmanager.myacxiom.com/.

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