Link Earning & Citations Webinar 4 of 6

Webinar aired Thursday Dec 5th. For 1-6 in the Small Business Local Web Marketing

Pre-webinar home work – 1.5+ hours

  • If you have ever signed up for a website gather logins and passwords – 30 minutes
  • Gather or take some amazing photos of your business or services – 30 minutes
  • Gather or take some amazing videos of your business or services – 30 minutes

Foundational local ranking factors addressed
1 Proper Category Associations
3 Consistency of Structured Citations
4 Quality/Authority of Structured Citations
5 HTML NAP Matching Place Page NAP
6 Quantity of Structured Citations (IYPs, Data Aggregators)
7 Domain Authority of Website
8 Individually Owner-verified Local Plus Page
9 City, State in Places Landing Page Title
11 Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain
14 Quantity of Citations from Locally-Relevant Domains
16 Quantity of Citations from Industry-Relevant Domains
17 Local Area Code on Local Plus Page
20 Page Authority of Places Landing Page URL
21 Diversity of Inbound Links to Domain

Below are helpful explanations and links to resources mentioned during the webinar.

Citations & Links

Citations are mentions of your core business information which is how search engines organize their database and validate a business. They include at least a business name, address and phone number. Getting the link to your site is also a plus because then it’s a citation and a link.

Most common mistakes

  • Losing track of websites & logins that you used.
  • Not filling out all fields
  • Not choosing the right categories
  • Not having you website match what is on Google+ Local
  • Not doing things worth getting links and citations for
  • Perpetuating wrong information about your business, say a past location or phone number.
  • Making your entire footprint online citations that are easy to make yourself and never really earning links from others.

When building citations here is a great place to get started and to record vital information like those passwords.
USA starter citations
Canada starter citations

Most common ways to get citations

Uncommon ways to get citations

  • Any website you already have a link on
  • On your social media profiles
  • By giving a review of another business and including your N.A.P.W.
  • Doing something news worthy like opening another location, allowing girl scout cookies to be picked up from your address, throwing a free event, etc…
  • Countless tools

Citations checklist

  • Website is used by real people that mater to your business
  • Filled out all fields
  • Choose the right categories
  • Included as much media as you can (photos, videos)
  • Recorded logins and passwords

Warning don’t build a new citation without checking for old business addresses, phone numbers, names, etc… It’s much better if you claim those existing listings then correct them then to make a new listing. As old listings will send mixed signals about your business regardless if there is 1 correct business listing on a website. Learn all about how important it is to have a clean N.A.P..

Most common ways to get Links

  • Organizations, clubs, BBB, chamber, government
  • Moz Open Site Explorer– Mining from your competition
  • Google and find ranking websites to get listed on
  • Directories along with other citation sources

Uncommon ways to get Links

  • Any website you already have a citation on
  • Guest blogging
  • Naturally – Share buttons on your site
  • Doing something share worthy
  • Countless tools

Links checklist

  • Website is used by real people that mater to your business
  • Anchor text is business name and sometimes keywords – the little blue text that links to you
  • If natural include a citation as well

Warning when you pay for links or enhanced listings, be sure to do so because it drives direct traffic and money to you. Don’t do it for ranking purposes alone. And sometimes your competition builds crappy links, don’t also get a crappy link just because they have it.

Mike Ramsey of NiftyMarketing came and spoke to my local internet marketing meetup ( and covered guest blogging a few other great outreach ideas. Here is the recording of that event.

Local Q/A by Mike Ramsey
26 minutes in guest blogging results
47 minutes in Google search: “location” + “keyword” + “guest blog”

Example of what link prospecting can dig up for say Portland

Anatomy and example of the email you should write when outreaching.
What Separates a Good Outreach Email from a Great One Whiteboard Friday Moz

In closing I asked my friend and colleague David Whittaker to share a little advice.
David Whittaker

  • A good link is one that will bring relevant traffic and pass authority to your site
  • Update proof links should come from sources that are in your industry or locality
  • Local bloggers are great to connect with because they are typically happy to promote local businesses and will send traffic that is in your market. When working with them keep in mind they will be wondering what’s in it for them. So make sure you provide a mean guest post. They have built their audience and they will only want to provide the best content to their readers. Don’t be afraid to get detailed, people like transparency and detailed instructions.
  • You can find bloggers with using Google, Google Blog Search, searching Twitter bio’s,,
  • Test outreach emails and make sure they are personalized, no one likes to get spammed
  • Research competitors’ links with then go get them.
  • Search for authority sites in your markets like local chamber of commerce, BBB, or community sites
  • Let people guest post on your blog. They will most likely show off their work and publish on their social media accounts or link to the post from their site.
  • Publish content that is useful. Prove that you are the local authority in your industry. Show tips on why you are the best mechanic in town and how you operate differently. Make local Best Of’s lists and interview the businesses. Let them know they made the list and give them the link so they can share their accolade with their audiences.

Post-webinar home work – 4 hours

  • Setup your first 5 or so citations – 2 hours
  • Get working on your first few links – 2 hours
  • Post any questions you have below (optional)
  • Share this page on your favorite social media sites or email your friends (optional)

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