Increase The Lifetime Value of a Customer 5 of 6

Webinar aired Thursday Dec 12th. For 1-6 in the Small Business Local Web Marketing

Pre-webinar home work – 1.5 hours

  1. Gather all your logins for social media sites – 20 minutes
  2. Find examples of business social accounts that you like – 1 hour

Foundational local ranking factors addressed
Most of those in webinar 4
12 Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews (w/text)
19 Quantity of Third-Party Traditional Reviews
32 Diversity of third-party sites on which reviews are present
33 Quantity of Reviews by Authority Reviewers (e.g.Yelp Elite, Multiple Places Reviewers, etc)
34 Presence of properly implemented rel=author on website
42 GeoTagged Media Associated with Business (e.g. Panoramio, Flickr, YouTube)
47 High Numerical Ratings by Authority Reviewers (e.g.Yelp Elite, Multiple Places Reviewers, etc)
52 Quantity of Inbound Links to Places Landing Page URL from Locally-Relevant Domains
57 Authority of Shares on Google+
65 Authority of Shares/Likes on Facebook

Below are helpful explanations and links to resources mentioned during the webinar.


This can be your number 1 source of new business and often your most profitable. It comes from doing a great job and making it easy for people to refer you. In a tech savey world a thumbs up or review can be great referrals as well. But the number 1 thing you can do is keep great records of your past customers such as their email address. Having their contact information is critical when you want to reconnect and get them on your social media channels, offering new products or even directly asking for referrals. Great tools like MailChimp will let you import your past customers and stay connected via mass email.


Reviews seldom just happen. Learn how to reliably and consistently solicit happy customers for reviews and your benefit.

A successful review program will do these three things sustainably:

  1. Gain customer contact information
  2. Ask for a review after a job well done
  3. Provide a link to the website where to leave a review

I prefer to collect emails from my customers and then ask them after a job well done for a review through a template email via MailChimp. It’s free for what we need it for, it looks professional, it’s super easy, and most importantly it allows us to track open and click through rates.

Google + Local reviews

If you can get 5 reviews on on Google+ Local Google may choose to start showing your 5 star rating right in searches. This will lead to a higher click through rate and therefor a higher ranking in Google. And that means more eyeballs and business. Also it’s the 12th most important factor (Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews (w/text)) And that is why I focus most of my review gathering ongoing at Google+ Local.

Other Review Sites

For hotels, TripAdvisor reviews are like gold. Restaurants love yelp. For others their are local or industry specific sites that matter. Ussually Googling some words that matter to you will pull these sites up and you can also get listed there. The stanard for asking for these reviews has been if it’s a yahoo email ask for a yahoo local reviews. Same goes for gmail. But you might have to get creative for others. For example you could say leave a review at your favorite site:

Google Maps:…

Get creative.

Improving response rate

Honesty you’ll know how to interact with your customers so all it will be is trying new things to get them to click through to leave you a review. Lucky for you it’s super easy to test a new message.

Tracking new reviews

There are no free or easy ways to track reviews. And if your customer actually leaves a review often the review site won’t even show the review. So it’s a numbers game and you can’t get offended or discouraged. If you would get lots of reviews frequently or you would rather respond to reviews quickly then you’ll need a paid solution, something better then pulling up your reviews sites manually every day. And for that there is only 1 good company, Get Five Stars.

Responding to Reviews

Basically it’s a best practice to respond to all reviews both good and bad quickly. If bad apologetic and ask them to contact you to make it right.

Word of warning

There are volumes about how people have done the asking for reviews thing wrong. We will not cover all the wrong ways and horrible side effects of doing this wrong only 1 way to do it right. And first and for most it’s getting reviews consistently on Google+ Local. Every other site is good but secondary. Checkout my post for more on reviews, testimonials and their importance.

Social Media

A social media following seldom just happens. Learn how to engage happy customers and penitential customers to help you build your following.

What 3 things people want from social media

  • Regular Posts
  • Promotions
  • People Interacting

Source Small Business SEM

Tip: Make it easy for natural likes and shares by implementing the Social Share plugin on your blog. And linking to your social sites on your website.


It’s a wonder Google+ has members and some that are very active. But you better believe Google is favoring their social media platform.

Helpful tool finding local influential people: People On Google Plus.


Authorship is almost an unfair advantage like in this example of a search for “lawyers Sacramento California” especially when paired with those reviews.

Sacramento Lawyers Google Authorship Example

Get setup for Google Authorship in 3 easy steps

  1. Add the the rel=”author” tag to your site via the Google authorship for multiple authors WordPress plugin. Then input your Google Plus url.
  2. Go to your Google Plus and add your website url under the contributor section in the  about us tab.
  3. Check if it worked at by imputing your website in Google’s richsnippets tool.

All done.

Having problems getting Authorship approval here are some ideas.
Google’s comments on authorship


The 2nd biggest search engine is YouTube. All videos all the time. Fun or helpful videos do great there. Salesy videos do okay.


The 3rd biggest search engine is Facebook.

Other Social Media Sites

I’ve had mixed results with other social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter. Main issue is if their are enough local people in your area using it and if you can reach them easily.

For Twitter their is a great tool by Moz called Follower Wonk.


There are 2 ways to blog: on your own website or on someone elses (guest blogging). And you better bet getting that post shared on social media sites helps you. If you think about it blogging is where you share your best stuff. And when done right you control the whole experience. Great small business blogs give tips, talk about their local area and really give back.

Post-webinar home work – 3.5 hours

  1. Get on Google+, Facebook, and Youtube – 3 hours
  2. Setup Authorship for Google Plus – 20 minutes
  3. Post any questions you have below (optional)
  4. Share this page on your favorite social media sites or email your friends (optional)

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