How I Got My Start in Web Marketing

I have to give a special thanks to Kent Lundin who introduced me to my career path in his Web Business class. Just for fun checkout my first website where I made my first dollar in his class,

From there I landed my first web marketing job representing hotels at Yellowstone Hotel Systems, Rexburg while attending school. My favorite reviews from independent hotels I used to represent went like these.

The website was so nice. However when you get to the hotel this place was a dump.

If you like being accosted by pimps and ho’s as you walk to your room then you will love this place. After I opened the room I had to look under the bed. The dead hooker wasn’t there but her stench was.

Needless to say I learned all I could there and was ready to leave. A year after staring there and a ton of other peoples money spent later, I jumped across the hall to Now I enjoy a better product to represent and a ton more creative freedom.

And to everyone who has and continues to help me grow (friends, bloggers, moms, dads), I tip my hat to you. In the spirit of good Karma I love returning the favor helping anyone with web marketing (free mentoring & speaking events). I myself got a tone of help so new friends and old friends call me, maybe or connect online or at a coming meetup.

    I’m a digital marketer, lucky husband, and father. I have one goal, put bad marketers out of business. Contact me for marketing consulting.

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