Google Authorship an Underused Gem

Authorship is almost an unfair advantage like in this example of a search for “lawyers Sacramento California”. And especially unfair when paired with those reviews.

Sacramento Lawyers Google Authorship Example

Get setup for Google Authorship in 3 easy steps and less then 30 minutes as long as you already have a Google+ account.

  1. Add the the rel=”author” tag to your site via the Google authorship for multiple authors WordPress plugin. Then input your Google Plus url.
  2. Go to your Google Plus and add your website url under the contributor section in the about us tab.
  3. Check if it worked at by imputing your website in Google’s richsnippets tool.
  4. Your all done

Currently having a lot of people in your circles doesn’t matter for your Authorship to start showing. But you can bet it will matter later. So if you are looking for new friends in your local market use this tool.

People On Google Plus

It’s a wonder Google+ has members and some that are very active. But you better believe Google is favoring their social media platform and it’s not going away. If you are having problems getting Authorship approval here are some ideas to fix them. And here are Google’s official comments on authorship.

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