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Now that you got your domain name decided it’s time to look at web hosting. WordPress is the best open source blogging and website platform for small businesses. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask your neighbor because chances are they are using it at 60 million active websites and counting world wide.

WordPress can help overcome each of the most common mistakes people make in choosing a web host and platform.

Most common mistakes in websites hosting and platform

  • Website is slower than molasses
  • You can’t make changes to your own website
  • Can’t get support on the phone when you need it

Follow the steps below to get a fast WordPress friendly host as well as a website that is easy to edit yourself ongoing. Estimated time: 30 minutes

1) Pick Your Domain Name & Server Hosting

When getting WordPress hosting don’t pay for anything more than the domain and hosting especially not domain privacy or directory submissions. If you are looking for hosting here is my number 1 choice is Blue Host but most hosting companies offer a quick WordPress setup. But please don’t make the mistake in believing all hosts are equal, even the cheap ones.

Cheap WordPress hosting BlueHost – Since the business we are working on is very small we choose to go with BlueHost at $6.99 a month. You get what you pay for but at least pages don’t usually take more then 5 seconds to load on these servers. And they have good customers service. Also for full disclosure I have an affiliate link with them so I’ll make some money if you host through them after clicking my link.

From Q/A
What should I pick for my domain name?
What if I choose to use something other then WordPress for my site?
What if my current website host is different than yours?
What do I do it my old website is not WordPress & I still want a site redesign & optimization?
What do I do if my old website is on WordPress & I still want a redesign & optimization?

2) Buying a Domain, Hosting & Installing WordPress on DreamHost

Setting up a WordPress website with BlueHost couldn’t be easier. And that is exactly why it is my preferred website provider.

So once on BlueHost you can come and snag one of their great deals.

Pick the get started now.

You get 1 free website domain with your hosting. You can also transfer an existing domain in our case we are going with the free domain name

There is some basic business and personal information you will need to fill out. This will be public so make sure it’s correct.

You must have a real persons name, we went with Kurt the owner.
Then the business name, address and phone number.
We also chose to use the company gmail we both have access to.

Choose what ever account plan you would like, we went with 12 month annual plan at 6.95 per month.

Unselected all the extras.

Enter your credit card information.

Leave the confirm section checked.

Hit next.

Ignore all their additional attempts to sell you more services.

Hit complete.

A useful record was sent to your email.

Hit create your password to move on.

Have a password auto generated for you or enter one and hit create.

Enter the password you just created and login.

Ignore everything except at the top middle website button.

And we want to use WordPress.

Definitely not a 1 click instillation but easy enough.

You can import an existing site or click start like we did to set up a whole new website.

For your first website on this hosting you won’t need any sub directory.

Choose your new domain.

Click check domain.

Click Oops box.

You’ll need to check mark show advanced options.

I changed all fields.

And check I have read as well as click install now.

Ignore all their up sell options.

This parts tricky. At the top click view process after the bar is all filled.

Then click view credentials.

Now you can view your new website fresh off the press with WordPress defaults. Beautiful and ready to customize.

And that is where I will leave you for now.

Next up in the course is WordPress Design – SmallBiz Theme

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