7 Mistakes When Choosing An SEO Company

Most people are shocked to find out that Google gives extensive criteria when choosing an SEO company. Here are the top 7 mistakes I see companies make time and time again when choosing an SEO company. I took some from Google and added my 2 cents. 7. How the relationship starts We’ve all got that […]

15 Tips for Local Business’ With Small Budgets

My Latest Project There is a terrible gap in web services for companies with a budget smaller than $500 a month. That doesn’t mean all companies charging so much, or even more, are good. But from experience, I’ve seen that if the company does good work, they will be charging upwards of $500 a month. […]

Learn Advertising From The Old Yellow Pages

While listening to a Podcast between Dave Ramsey and Seth Godin, Godin tells this story about Yellow Pages. 100 years ago the Yellow Pages came out as a partnership between AT&T and R.R. Donnelly. To get regular businesses that don’t normally think about marketing to buy ads they gave them a yellow phone, whose number […]

Best Local Web Marketing Resources

Here is my playbook of best local search marketing experts & resources of 2013. Make 2014 a killer year by using these the best. Local University Blog & Events & now for only $130 a month you can have access to their advanced local event video recordings online & forum. Moz’s yearly local search ranking […]

Ongoing 6 of 6

Webinar aired Thursday Dec 19th. For 1-6 in the Small Business Local Web Marketing Pre-webinar home work – 25 hours Complete all steps from webinar 1-5 – 25 hours Below are helpful explanations and links to resources mentioned during the webinar. Ongoing Checklist All actions are tagged with what webinar they are covered in. Event […]