7 Mistakes When Choosing An SEO Company

Most people are shocked to find out that Google gives extensive criteria when choosing an SEO company. Here are the top 7 mistakes I see companies make time and time again when choosing an SEO company. I took some from Google and added my 2 cents. 7. How the relationship starts We’ve all got that […]

ViralTag for Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook Posting

I was hunting for a tool to help me crack the problem of easier posting on Instagram. Bingo I found ViralTag. It’s a first rate way to afforably compose, queue and make posting easier on all three of these networks: Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook. Things I use ViralTag For: Compose and pushover Pinterest Posts Mass […]

Why your business should consider a NAP

An event really drove home the power of having accurate and constant business name, address, phone number (commonly known as NAP) and website information across all the directory sites. How a suite number can cost thousands of dollars We had faught hard to get top search results for one of our clients. We check things […]