Best of May for The Service Industry & Small Business

This month was a great month for the Service Industry & Small Business. This is where I fill you in on all the great and need to know developments that happened in the Month of May 2012. If you haven’t yet follow me via rss reader.

Social Media & Customer Relationships – How Much Is Facebook Really Worth? Comparing Facebook Advertising vs. Google Display Network [Infographic]. Facebook ads seem to be cheaper but with a lower conversion rate. One day Facebook will figure out how to make lots of money from their customer base. This infographic also reconfirms that Google Display AdWords is here to say. Facebook vs google display network

Your Website Tips & Tricks

Wired Magazine – In the May issue of Wired Magazine there was an amazing article on A/B testing. The Obama campaign got an additional 4 million subscribers and $75 million more in donations using this method. What did this, a black and white photo, learn more button, and a few other changes to their landing page. Essentially you can display different parts of a webpage or a completely different page in a statistical test of your visitors. One of the biggest challenges internet marketers have is identifying the best keywords to go after and then converting those visitors into paying customers. A/B testing is the answer. In real time you can let your customers tell you what message they like most or what design. Here is a related article Wired did put online: How IGN Makes Small Changes for Mass(ive) Effect

A/B Testing Tips – I recommend Visual Website Optimizer to conduct these tests at a low cost. I have friends that have increased their conversions by 400% just by changing their navigation font. So the idea is to test everything within reason. Obama found that a video hurt his signups 30%. So let the data speak for itself. I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t test any page with less than 2k visitors a month, unless you want to wait forever for statistical significant results. So start on say your top ten trafficked pages first.

Texted Leads From Your Lead Form

Service Business SEM – Have you ever contacted a lead only to findout they will not anser or return your messages. Or if you do get in touch they say they have already gone with someone else. Contacting leads quickly will get you more jobs then getting more leads. In this post we teach you how to have your web form forward leads via text message. Get contacting those leads quickly.

affiliate_link – Hosting your website and URL reliably can be a challenge on a budget. We have switched all our client websites to At about 3.50 per month you can host your website. They also have 5 minute WordPress setup and through in a domain name when you sign up. Feel free to give them a try. Ipage affiliate link disclosed.

Know & Improve Your Business

Live Webcam Webinars or Meetings – If you are using Go-To-Meeting or some other great screen sharing program you might have noticed the limmitations. If you actually want to show them something in the physical world via your webcam you’ll come up short. That is why Bustatech made a free PC webcam view. Next time you have a meeting share your screen and run this program. Presto you can now show off something in reality. Go-To-Meeting cost money but is free and easy with limited features. So if you pair Free with you got a online conference for free.

BigCommerce – 6 Ideas to Wow Customers After Buying

  1. Handwritten note, picture, your email address, signed
  2. Call and thank them on the phone
  3. Upgrade them to free shipping or overnight (Zappos Famous)
  4. Convert their shipping into in store credit.
  5. 5-20% Provide a coupon code on their invoice and ask them not to share it knowing they will.
  6. Include something free (sample, additional product)

Become a Google Trusted Store – I really don’t know all it entails but putting the trust symbol at least on your eCommerce website has to mean something. Go become a Google Trusted Store.

Dave Ramsey – His financial advice is great for individuals and businesses. Of course he teaches basic things like spend less than you make but he takes it to the next level. He outlines in his baby steps program things like save then buy, how to get out of debt, and so much more. I have some friends that have bought their own building then rented to the business. The tax savings are amazing. So why not save enough money in your business to pay 3 to 6 months of expesses and buy a building instead of pay for it twice over 30 years. Combine my friends moves in buying their own building personally and renting to the business and you have a whole lot more money coming in. I just bought his book My Total Money Makeover. I highly recommend his approach. Amazon affiliate link disclosed.

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