Best of April for The Service Industry & Small Business

This month was a great month for the Service Industry & Small Business. This is where I fill you in on all the great and need to know developments that happened in the Month of April 2012. If you haven’t yet follow me via rss reader.

Directory Listings

Google Places Update – Service businesses (A.K.A. go-to-client) must now hide their address or face potential removal from Google Places. See the whole scoop on how one company lost their Google Places without warning. To fix it you need to login to your Google Places Dashboard hit edit. It’s tricky you have to click into the area service portion of your listing then click, “yes,  this business serves customers at their location”.

If you need help getting on Google Paces or claiming your listing checkout my post about getting listed on directory sites such as GP.

Yelp Deals – Setting up Yelp Deals for your business. It’s a breeze and once you are done your deal goes live instantly. If you have ever dealt with Groupon or Living Social then you know how much run around there can be. Setting up the deal is easy but making money might not be, so be careful. Learn more about Yelp Deals. They take 30% and do all the credit card processing.

If you need help getting on yelp checkout my post about getting listed on directory sites such as Yelp. For other great links to your website checkout my April 2012 post Link Building Tools.

Social Media & Customer Relationships

The Click Blog – 3 Marketing Tools You Need More Than Facebook

  1. Website
  2. Email Campaign
  3. Internet Marketing

Social Share by Orange Soda – I finally found this drop down bar that reminds people to share your article on social sites. Very cool. Thanks Ben @ Amplify-Interactive for pointing this plugin out to me. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see it pop down. You can pick this awesome WordPress Plugin up here – Orange Soda Social Share. As you can see I can use the love here on Service Business SEM. So be a pal would you and share this post.

Your Website Tips & Tricks

Unbounce Blog – Does every page on your website have a purpose? You know the so what or KISS approach. Well here are some 35 amazingly beautiful and purposeful website landing pages. Take some inspiration and get your message and call to action right.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Service Business SEM – I covered tons of free ways to build links to your website in my post Link Building Tools and Methods. The hardest part is keeping track of all your log-in information. So give it a try and at least get the correct information about your business out there.

Know & Improve Your Business

Paymo.Biz – Time Tracking, Online Invoicing, Project Management for small businesses and freelancers. Thanks Mike @ for letting me know about this. It’s free for billing 1 client $10 for billing unlimited number of clients.

Read It For Me – Watch instead of read the latest business books. Steve Jobs book is this months video synopsis. It’s the most enjoyable way to stay up to date on the go. They also offer spark note pdfs.

Knovio – Ever want to add a personal touch to a presentation. Just use Knovio to record you walking through a presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote). This online program will put your slides and video or just audio together. Then you can push this off to social networks or just a private message to someone. All this for free, it’s a no brainier.

Google Drive – Now open for business. It’s 5 gigs of free pure cloud storage awesomeness. Basically like having a folder that you can access and edit from all your devices (phone, computer, tablet, ect…). This is brand new this April and competition to and Get yours free: I use DropBox every day so I’m hopping to see good things from Google Drive.

Oh Don’t Forget – A way to schedule text message reminders for free. Never forget that really important meeting again. Check it out here:

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