Best Local Web Marketing Resources

Here is my playbook of best local search marketing experts & resources of 2013. Make 2014 a killer year by using these the best.

  1. Local University Blog & Events & now for only $130 a month you can have access to their advanced local event video recordings online & forum.
  2. Moz’s yearly local search ranking factors
  3. Moz’s David Mihm blog posts
  4. Moz’s $100 a month paid subscribers have access to the Local Academy video series & the occasional good local webinar (Mozinars)
  5. Catalyste Marketing’s Linda Q & A forum & paid training
  6. Bright Local‘s webinars found on their blog
  7. From Radical Mustache comes The Ultimate Local SEO Guide – 2014

I recommend you use something like Feedly to follow the blogs and the others you set in your calender to checkout frequently.

If you are looking for even more experts checkout Mike Ramsey’s post on who to follow.

And if you are really crazy try following my internet marketing board on Pinterest.

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    One thought on “Best Local Web Marketing Resources

    1. Thanks for the mention and link, Jason! Much appreciated. You might also want to add the Local SEO community on G+. Max and Phil Rozek manage a great page there.