Bathroom Customer Service

When Avinash Kaushik shared this awesome photo and story I had to stop and take notice. When traveling through the Singapore Airport these kiosks were placed outside of the restrooms.

Ed ReeseOne of my favorite quotes about reviews comes from Ed Reese owner of SixthManMarketing,

“We don’t live in a 5 star world. And there are only 2 businesses out there, ones that have a bad review and ones that will.”

Providing an outlet for customer feedback is essential to every business so you can fix negative sentiments offline before they ever make it online. And you can get your raving fans to help make outliers background noise.

Even better than just an internal feedback system like the Singapore Airport, I’ve found it’s best to ask a customer for feedback at the very least with a follow up email. In the email ask them to contact you directly if there is anything else you could do to make their experience excellent. And if they had a great experience ask them to leave you a review empowering them with a link to your favorite 3rd party business page. Now that Bing and Apple Maps are directly integrated with Yelp you might offer more then just Google+.

My recommendation, get a review plan going immediately. And give your customers an outlet.

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