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Asking for a review via card with link and qr code

I have implemented a process where businesses in the service industry consistently solicit and receive good reviews. It’s called a Review Plan. The plan is two fold, get good reviews consistently and leverage those reviews to get you more business. This is not just a way to cover up bad reviews but accurately reflect the number of happy customers vs. unhappy customer in your online reviews. I’ll show you how to do this.

Review Plan Success Stories
UMove Free in Texas Reviews So many good reviews made possible because: UMove Free Review Plan
Barbara Oliver & Co Jewelry Reviews So many good reviews made possible because: Barbara Oliver & Co Jewelry Review Plan

36 Five Star Reviews on Kudzo

Creating a Review Plan – Medium: Email

My clients and I choose to email customers after each job asking them to leave a review. The important additional step is make it easy for them to find where they can leave a review online. This will leverage the SEO value and the social value of people seeing your business star ratings showing up in Google. Depending on your line of work you may also want to ask customers to leave a review at when they express appreciation for example as they checkout of the hotel. After receiving some reviews you’ll also know quickly if you need to suggest what customers might write about because 5 stars without comments doesn’t really build trust.

I’ve included an example email that Doug has customized for his Atlanta garage storage dealership. All it takes is claiming a few business listings, using Google’s url shorter, and actually remembering to send the email to the customer which isn’t hard if you do it from your phone before you leave.

Example Email Asking For Reviews

Text version of the example follow up Email to your customers
To: John and Jane Doe
From: Doug Calvert
Subject: Thanks
Hi John and Jane,

Thank you for your business.  It was a pleasure working with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy the solution for years to come. Your feedback would help provide a better service in the future and be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a review on your favorite review site:

Google Places: (You only need a gmail to leave a review)
Yahoo Local: (You only need a yahoo email to leave a review)
Merchant Circle: (You only need a Facebook Account to sign up and leave a review)

Best Regards,
Doug Calvert
Leave me feedback at: Google

In this example you would have to claim these business listings:
Google Places:
Yahoo Places:
Merchant Circle:
Then use this url shortener:

Ideas for a Review Plan
Other great ways to get reviews is to include a widget on your about us page like Review this Biz or make your own. You might have also seen the invitation in my email signature. For some businesses it might make sense to mail a follow up letter or to turn this email into a card that you give out at the end of each job. You might even give a customer something they want like activating their warranty with a follow up call. Then ask if they will leave a review and then send the email. Each is a great idea and if you choose one should be a sustainable way to get good reviews. You’re really giving happy customers a voice and channeling that voice to help others choose your business.

  • Website Widget
  • Email Signature
  • Card
  • Follow up Letter
  • Follow up Email
  • Follow up Call
  • Card Tent with QR Code

Updated Jan 1 2014 – More links to examples of these.

Hire a Professional
If you would like help with managing your online review reputation, I’m available to help: Contact Me. I want to say thanks to the great folks at with their Local University tour. Their suggestions helped cultivate these ideas.


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