Asana Web Tool & App – Social Productivity at Its Best

Asana with Google Calendar sync is my secret weapon for productivity. I am so much more productive when I have a to do list, especially Asana, where I can plan my daily tasks which I can share, and can use on both my desktop and mobile phone. It’s in my pocket when I need to review or change it.

Things you can do with Asana:

  • Assign tasks to people in your “company” by emailing them and adding in the CC
  • Assign different teammates to sub tasks
  • Assign due dates to tasks and sync them with Google Calender
  • New calender view lets you see your team’s tasks by due date, drag and drop to reschedule
  • Attach things from your computer, Google Drive or DropBox
  • Your “MyTasks” area is only viewable by you unless you share a task and then just that task is shared
  • You can copy a task
  • It integrates with almost every other useful app

And I have only scratched the surface. I’ve tried tools like BaseCamp and Trello. Nothing compares to Asana. It’s free. What else do you need? Give it a try!

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