Advanced Onsite SEO Techniques Webinar & Notes

So this was a kick butt webinar. Here it is and here are my notes I took. Enjoy!

Matthew Hunt

Add a forum for all the Google suggest terms on your website. 
Try referring to local land marks (local hooks) in the content. Evidence that ties you to the local area and for people. Even mention local business that you have worked for. (Social proofs)
Have links to things like review sites in the content.

Writing location pages

  • Unique photos
  • Local landmarks
  • Unique testimonials

Optimal landing page

  • Try the email in the top right next to the phone number to increase conversions – track clicks as an event in GA
  • Maybe reviews links top right
  • If you don’t have any as seen on, run a PR web campaign then showcase those
  • Link off to your 3rd party websites

Examples of asking for reviews on a website

Mike Ramsey

Keyword research -GA

  • Filter by state
  • Filter out brand terms

Found the example of people searching by bug, so he wrote the content on the website to include the type of regional bugs people want killed.
Multi location tool:

Best all around tool: and find issues)
-Find thin pages
-Find broken links
-See all meta descriptions
If you offer search offer search by state”choose your location” (by state then county) or zip code & Interactive my maps through Google
*Implement nap for /locations page

Brand first in title then keywords
Phone # in description

Find duplicate content:

Writing location pages

  • Bios

Internal Linking

  • Link to the nearby locations
  • State pages – always link over to nearby states


  • Schema 3: Organization, postal address, local business
  • Raven tools WP plugin Schema markup tool
  • Geo sitemap & KML generator – add your KML file to webmaster tool. and the kml file in the sitemap

Still need to try having pictures of staff. See other things to try here:

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