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Well since you came here you must want me to blab about myself. Here it goes.

I’m Jason Weaver your local business web marketer. I’ve build the local web marketing program at MonkeyBarStorage.com from the ground up. My team and I help 120 garage makeover experts get local leads that turn into real dollars.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on “successful local Internet marketing” My mission is to help small business owners, their staff or their web team get real revenue generating results. As a result, I write on SEO, lead generation, getting reviews, PPC, and social media. On occasion, I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories like inspirational messages.

I’m also the Organizer of the Idaho Web Marketing Meetup with 180 members in Rexburg.

My goal is to create insightful, actionable and relevant content that you can put to work in your small business. If you are tired of all the BS out there about internet marketing -then this blog is for you.

I typically post once or more a month. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail over in the right sidebar.

Past Speaking Engagements

February 20, 2015 – Rexburg
– Analytics @ BYU-I
March 11, 2014 – Rexburg
– 15 Tips for Local Business’ With Small Budgets @ Kiwanis ClubSlides
August 9, 2013 – Orlando
– What’s Working Online @ Monkey Bars Dealer Conference – Slides
March 13, 2013 – Idaho Falls
– 21 DIY to Local Internet Marketing @ East Idaho Apartment AssociationSlides
February 1, 2013 – Rexburg
– Internet Safety & Security @ Idaho Web Marketing MeetupSlides
August 10, 2012 – Las Vegas
– A New Direction in Internet Marketing @ Monkey Bars Dealer Conference

If you would like to have me speak at your next event just contact me. My info is in the side bar.

Linkedin Testimonials
Al Yanez

Jason is one of the reasons my business is growing as fast as it is. With his knowledge, expertise and desire to help my company succeed, I am thankful that he is only a phone call away.

Al Yanez Owner of The Garage Center in Tucson

Kent Lundin

Jason has taken over… the Idaho Web Marketing Meetup. His leadership has kept the group alive and caused them to thrive. I strongly recommend Jason.

Kent Lundin Business Management Department Chairman at BYU-I in Rexburg

Mark Jensen

Jason is mover and a shaker. I’ve always been impressed by Jason’s ability to network and build win-win relationships with ease… as he has put together these consistently quality meetups.

Mark Jensen President at Get Found First in Rexburg

Latest Project – Local Web Marketing Guide

I am working on a new training course called DIY Local. It is designed for anyone involved in a small business who is trying to get attention for their local product, service or cause. I teach my readers how to build and maintain a web presence that is evergreen web tactics, using their organic, paid and social media channels. I break it down so even busy owners or their staff can accomplish this in as little as 24 hours and 5 hours a week after that.

Here is what some are saying about my latest project.

Matthew Hunt Internet Marketer

Thanks for the mention! Great epic tutorial!

Comment on Making a Killer Website Webinar 2 – Mathew Hunt Owner of SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com

Derek Ostler

I just check out… the video. Nice work. 🙂 Keep it up.

Twitter responseDerek Ostler Owner of ViralEvents.com

My Biography

I’m Jason Weaver your local business web marketer, lucky father of 2 (Ryker 3, Jaclyn 10m) and husband. So yah, you could say I have it all.

Courtney my wife, our kids and I live here in Rexburg Idaho. After both graduating from BYU-Idaho Business/Marketing program (me), Early Childhood Special Education (her) we stayed for my sweet job at MonkeyBarStorage.com where I’m Director of Web Marketing Strategies. Now I help 120 dealers get garage makeover inquires across the USA and Canada. I think we are pretty cool, been features in the TV shows Property Brothers and Extreme Makeover. I used to represent independent hotels so this has been a huge step up. Simultaneously I got upgraded to Organizer of the Idaho Web Marketing Meetup.

If I’m not testing or learning about some new internet marketing technique you can find me spending time with my family, friends, listening to audio books, pod casts, and playing an occasional video game.

Thanks to all the personal and marketing mentors, bloggers as well as friends who help keep me grounded. And thanks to those that helped me get my start in Internet marketing.