5 ways to express love this Christmas

This Christmas I want to give to all my viewers a gift of love. 5 ways in fact to express love this Christmas to everyone, not just your special someone. And in true Christmas fashion here are 5 Christmas songs that should melt any heart.

1. Spend quality time together

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

2. Shower others with gifts

The twelve days of Christmas

3. Show them you love them with the right touch

Kiss me under the mistletoe

4. Perform acts of service

Deck the halls

5. Tell them how much they mean to you

All I want for Christmas is you

You might have noticed each corresponded with a different way people feel love. In fact they are all right out of the 5 Love Languages book (quality time, gifts, touch, service, and affirming words). And here is a funny video of Santa demonstrating these 5 languages.

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