5 Service Business Representation Recommendations

I finally compiled all my recommendations for your service business representation online. The goal is to have your offline presence be reflected online. I wrote this when I was working with a garage organization company.

1.       Business Name or DBA

a)      27 or less characters in name (Best Recommendation)

Several important information websites can only handle business names 27 characters long including spaces. They then shoot your information across the web and it would be a shame to have only part of your name displayed online.

b)      What services you provide (Best Recommendation)

When someone reads your business name they should know in a split second what you do. Ideally your name will include something describing what the business is about.

c)       Where you provide services (Optional)

Searches online for a local service often includes local words; such as DFW in the search for DFW garage storage systems. If you have a broad reaching term in your area like this, it might be good to consider having it in your name.


Business Name Grader

Where you provide services  What services you provide 27 or less characters in name
Vancouver Garage Storage x x x
Gorgeous Garage Vancouver x x x
Garaginization x x
Store Plus x
Fred Construction And Way More

2.       Phone Number

a)      Be from your local area code (Best Recommendation)

Your number should have an area code represented within your dealership area. Search engines understand a local number means you serve that area and nearby.

b)      Be different than your personal number (Optional)

Implementing call tracking on your number can get expensive when you include personal phone calls. Also think about what if you wish to sell your dealership some day. You’ll want to own this number.

c)       Never run more than one business off a number (Best Recommendation)

It’s fine if your business number forwards to your personal number but be sure to never run more than one business off each phone number. Search engines understand it’s a bad experience to call one number and be asked which business you called for.

3.       Address

a)      Something more permanent & close to the city center (Best Recommendation)

Your home address is fine only if it is in your dealer area and you don’t intend to move. Don’t use a neighbor’s address or a P.O. Box period. Keep in mind search engines tend to favor businesses closer to city centers.

A good option is a mailbox you rent. Do an internet search for (your city name + mailbox location |or| your city name + mailbox rental). You need the box to be an address not a P.O. Box. These places offer mail forwarding too.

Choose wisely because it is a nightmare to change your address online.

4.       DBA/Business Licensing

a)      File DBA and Business Licenses (Best Recommendation)

Properly file DBA and Business Licenses regardless of law requirements. This is a signal search engines use to verify your businesses legitimacy.

5.       Website Name

a)      Use your business name.com (Best Recommendation)

If you choose your name right it can be the exact same as your business name. Ex: DFWGarageOrganization.com.

Redoing: If any of these are not right with your business, please don’t change them until talking a local internet marketer. Contact Me



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