3 More Successful BYU-I Alumni Advice on Internet Marketing

Bonus Video & Slides: National Paid Advertising with Stuart Draper

I think that the number one thing students need to succeed in our industry is an understanding of how to plan and present a marketing strategy, including presenting and justifying budget for the plan. Now, more than ever, they have to be well-rounded. Knowing PPC is great. Knowing SEO is great, but if you can’t see how it fits in the bigger picture of the business’ overall marketing strategy, you’re not as valuable.

I recommend students get real world experience by moonlighting for a family member that can’t afford to hire a real company, or by doing work on their own site.

Stuart Draper

Founder of Stukent


In able to be successful in our industry, I would say that you need to have a desire and interest in internet marketing. Obviously without that, you won’t get very far. With that desire, you have to put in work, even if that means extra work, staying long hours, or at home. The thing about this industry is it is constantly changing. In able to be successful you need to be able to adapt to those changes. You need to be someone who can embrace change and be able to stay up to date with those changes. You also have to be creative, in trying new things or ideas.

Casey Nielsen

Account Manager at Orangesoda


Bonus Video: Introduction to SEO with Benjamin Beck

Bonus In-depth Interview with Benjamin Beck

Best part of the job

* The opportunity to make a real impact on a business in an area that is continuing to become more vital for a company to succeed.

Best resources

Learn from following people who are doing online marketing right!

Great Newsletters to be on:





Build something & Show it off! Example create a piece of content that you

can turn into an email drip campaign.




Interview tips





Benjamin Beck

Senior Digital Marketer at SolarWinds


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