What products do people want and you aren’t offering?

Have you ever received a quote only to find that the service provider can only do half the job you need done? I’m trying to plant grass this season, but I need the sprinkler system finished, weed removal, and leveling done first. When I look online and call service providers, they can only do 1 […]

The difference between those performing well and not, the 80/20 rule is, “The 20 percent are using a system and the 80 percent aren’t.”

If you provide a service based on skill and expertise, giving your knowledge away will attract customers. I guarantee it.

Location, Location, Location

Legitimate local businesses have a walk-in store front or base of operations. That must be the thinking behind Google, with it having such strict address guidelines. If you want to be seen online, you’ll need to follow the guidelines, or your business might as well be closed to the online community. Do not create a […]