Why your business should consider a NAP

An event really drove home the power of having accurate and constant business name, address, phone number (commonly known as NAP) and website information across all the directory sites. How a suite number can cost thousands of dollars We had faught hard to get top search results for one of our clients. We check things […]

2 More Things You Didn’t Know About Google

I wrote “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Google” over on LinkedIn. It was actually my first long form post produced over on LinkedIn itself. Here are 2 more things you might not have known about Google. 8. Google plans to bring affordable internet to everyone using weather balloons 9. Google has a simplified ad […]

Ordering SEO Content From TextBroker.com

We needed content for our site so we ordered off of TextBroker. Here’s everything we did to get an acceptable page back from a quality writer. Things to know about TextBroker This is where professional writers go for freelance work. Signup is easy, just following the onscreen instructions. You can pay with PayPal or credit […]